Sponsorship billing application form

This application is NOT for organizations granting scholarships, awards or bursary funds. Any monies that will be sent directly to the student or deposited directly to the tuition account is not processed through the sponsorship office, but is considered an external award. Please visit https://support.ubc.ca/waystogive/ways-to-fund-an-award/ and follow the process under Externally Administered Awards.

Individuals, parents, family members and some third parties are not eligible to act as sponsors. Please email ubc.sponsorship@ubc.ca if you have any questions prior to submitting an application.

Parties that are generally eligible to act as a sponsor include organizations, companies, Aboriginal communities or organizations, and government agencies.

Before submitting the sponsorship billing application form, please review UBC sponsorship practices and policies at:

Sponsors using US currency: UBC can accept payments in either Canadian or US funds (no other foreign currency is accepted), but all US funds received by UBC will be converted to Canadian funds using the daily exchange rate provided by the UBC Finance office on the date that UBC processes the payment. UBC cannot use the exchange rate provided by the sponsor. Sponsors who want to avoid any exchange rate discrepancies are recommended to send funds in Canadian funds only. UBC cannot control the fluctuation in the US/Canadian currency exchange rate that sometimes can change within the same day. When setting a sponsorship contract dollar limit (if applicable), the sponsor can only set dollar limits in Canadian funds - any foreign currency limits will be converted into Canadian funds as UBC can only assess tuition and fees in Canadian funds. Please email ubc.sponsorship@ubc.ca if you have any questions on foreign currencies and exchange rates.

UBC reserves the right to approve, decline and update sponsorship practices and policies at anytime.

By setting up or entering into a sponsorship agreement, students are agreeing to allow UBC to share limited information from their student account directly with the sponsor for the duration of the sponsorship agreement and/or the time which the sponsorship is being covered. Information that can be shared with the sponsor can include, but is not limited to, registered courses, program information, tuition and fee assessments, awards/bursaries/scholarships, grade information and any other items that may be associated with the program of study. Please email ubc.sponsorship@ubc.ca if there are any specific questions.