Application for Review of Assigned Standing in a Course

The purpose of this review is to have marked work reviewed by an appropriate second reviewer in the case that a student believes that the work has been incorrectly evaluated or graded. Before pursuing this review, students should first discuss the possibility of an incorrect mark with their instructor to see if the matter can be resolved without the need for a second review.

Application fee

An application fee of $58.40 will be charged per course. Only if your grade is increased as a result of the review will this fee be refunded.

A separate application and fee must be submitted for each course.

Before you apply

  1. Read the Review of Assigned Standing (RAS) policy.
  2. Make sure to speak to your instructor to try and find a solution. This is the most efficient and timely way to resolve any issues with your final grade.
  3. The Review of Assigned Standing process is for a secondary impartial review of your final course grade. You must have a legitimate reason for your submitted request to be considered for review. Your application will not be accepted without supporting rationale. This application process is not for students who are simply hoping for a higher grade in a course.
  4. Prepare to upload all the materials you wish to have reviewed as part of your application. This includes marked documents, course syllabi, and assignment criteria. If you do not have access to these materials be prepared to explain how they can be located.
  5. Allow for at least six weeks to receive a reply. Keep in mind that there is no requirement for a detailed synopsis of why the grade is increased, unchanged, or lowered.