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See No.4 of the Terms of Use for descriptions

Events can be booked Sunday through Thursday until 10pm, Friday & Saturday until midnight. See No.3 of the Terms of Use for more information.


Space usage at GLRC is reserved for events that include a global/international focus. The information provided below will be published on the GLRC Calendar of Events as well as UBC Events.


Terms of use

Simon K.Y. Lee Global Lounge & Resource Centre (GLRC) Terms of Use Rules for Groups Booking Space

The rules below are meant to clarify exactly what is expected of booking groups. Please tell us if you have any questions. Please read the Rules for Groups Booking the GLRC below and agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. Booking groups must adhere at all times to the rules below and must further comply with instruction given them by the GLRC Staff.
  2. All persons using the GLRC are required to abide by the University of British Columbia By-Laws, Rules and other regulations.
  3. If the Booking is outside of the hours of operation (12pm to 8pm), booking groups must hire a GLRC Assistant for the remainder of the time. The cost is $20/hour and must be paid at Global Lounge at least 5 days prior to the event.
  4. Bookings are made for either:
    • Media Centre:
      • Capacity of room – 41 people
      • Description: Large round room with an AV system that includes a 60" TV, DVD player, and ability to do PPT presentations, etc.
    • Resource Centre:
      • Capacity of room – 24 people
      • Description: Long, rectangular room with 3 tables and 12 chairs, small couch & table area.
    • The Entire GLRC:
      • Capacity of room – 65 people
      • Includes Media Centre & Resource Centre (above), kitchen (fridge, microwave and dishwasher).
    • The Lounge area (capacity 16 people) The lounge area also operates as a drop-in space.

    Please be specific in your booking so we can accommodate as many groups as possible. Note that if your event takes place in one area of the GLRC, other areas of the space must not be disrupted.

  5. Booking groups must leave the areas they booked in the same condition in which they found them, including the placement of furniture. Each group is required to clean and vacate the premises within the time specified on the booking confirmation. The group must clean their booked areas. Cleaning includes removing loose trash, placing full bags of trash and compost in the dumpster behind the building, wiping off tables, and sweeping or mopping as needed to ensure the floor looks clean. If you need the vacuum cleaner, please go to the Marine Drive Commons Block Front Desk to sign one out.
  6. GLRC is located within Marine Drive Residence. As such, excessive noise can be disruptive to residents. Booking groups must maintain a reasonable noise level at all times. Determining a reasonable noise level is at the discretion of GLRC & Marine Drive Residence Staff.
  7. Permission to have alcohol within any function at the GLRC must be obtained in advance.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in all University of British Columbia buildings as well as within 6 meters of all doors, windows and air intake areas.
  9. Booking groups who have booked the kitchen must also clean the kitchen after use. The kitchen must be cleaned at the end of every day. Booking groups must:
    • Place all garbage in bags and in the dumpster outside the GL and place new trash bags in the trash cans.
    • Clean all surfaces including floors, sinks, stovetops and counter tops.
    • Store any food in sealed containers.
    • Remove all compostable items and place them in the compost bin outside the GLRC.
  10. The driving of tacks, nails or screws etc. into the woodwork or walls or any part of the building, furniture or fixtures is strictly forbidden. Anything other than plants or floral decorations will not be permitted either internally or externally without express approval of the GLRC Staff.
  11. Be sure to read the instructions on how to properly use the audiovisual equipment located within the GLRC. The booking group is responsible for ensuring that any University equipment used during the booked time remains in the same condition as it was when the group arrived.
  12. At the conclusion of the booked period the organization/individual must vacate the GL by the end of the agreed period of time. Failure to do this may result in a loss of booking privileges. The organization/individual must also remove from the venue all goods, property or material brought in. Please make sure all lights are turned off and all doors are locked. Be sure to return the key to the Marine Drive Residence Commons Block.
  13. If the organization/individual fails to observe any of the above conditions, the GLRC Staff is at liberty to cancel the booking of any future events and charge the booking group for any damages incurred.


Personal information you provide on this form is collected pursuant to section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”). The information is used for the purpose of processing your request. Questions about the collection of this information may be referred to Jason Kwok, Associate Director of Student Systems and Records Management, at